About Kiki

KIKI is a ‘playground’ for photographers.

It is called a playground, because KIKI is not about winning or losing. It is not about seeing who is the best and putting others down. It is a place where all photographers, from all industries can get together and learn with each other and share their passion for photography.

We believe that through sharing and encouraging the ‘learn.share.love’ philosophy amongst photographers, we can change the photography industry to a more uplifting and encouraging place.

What will happen on KIKI?

  1. The Blog – expect news, interviews, reviews, competitions and other interesting tid-bits related to photography
  2. The Forum – a ‘ego free zone’ where you can ask questions, share experience and learn together
  3. Tools – great tools to make your life as photographer easier
  4. Websites – watch this space!
  5. School – patience is a virtue…
  6. Meet-ups – See where and when other photographers in your area are getting together and hanging out
  7. Workshops – Your chance to learn from experienced individuals on anything to help you and your photography business
  8. Outreach – Use your time, skills and passion to give back to underprivileged communities

Where did the name come from?

Well, Kiki was my (Christine Meintjes) nickname in High School, because of a t-shirt with the word ‘KIKI’ on the front. Also, the word Kiekie (same pronunciation as KIKI) means ‘Photo’ in Afrikaans. So we decided it will be a good match for the branding of this website/playground/concept.

What are you waitng for?