After hours and hours of work, we can finally say that KIKI is here! We’re so excited to invite you to become a part of this photography community and  a playground for you to make friends, share what you know and learn more about all aspects of photography.

Many of you might ask, “where did the idea of KIKI come from?” Well, I’ve been in the wedding photography industry for a few years now and realised that it can be a very lonely industry. It’s very isolated and unless you make a great effort, it’s pretty much going to be you, your computer and camera every day.

When I started out, I made a big effort to make friends with like-minded photographers in the industry. I also learned that sharing your knowledge is something that will help and encourage others. This is where the idea of KIKI started.

Iaan and I have been working on the KIKI concept for about 2 years now. It started out as a forum and soon evolved into something much bigger. What we are launching today is like a dream come true! Please feel free to have a look around. Everything is still new and we’re still testing out all the areas. So if you see something out of place or experience something strange, please let us know. We know there are areas we would like to improve on, and will do this in the weeks to come.

Many of you might also be wondering about the name KIKI. Well, Kiki was my nickname in High School, because of a t-shirt with the word ‘KIKI’ on the front. Also, the word Kiekie (same pronunciation as KIKI) means ‘Photo’ in Afrikaans. So we decided it will be a good match for the branding of this website/playground/concept.

Enjoy KIKI and we’d love to hear your feedback!