Last year when iaan and I visited WPPI, I came across a company that solved a great deal of headaches for my company. One of the biggest problems I used to have, was the follow-up process with my clients, regarding their albums.

The process I used to take with the album layout was the following:

  1. edit all the photos
  2. select the ones for the album
  3. do a sample layout for my clients (I know many photographers give their clients the option to first select the photos, but for me, this takes way to long and at the end I find that clients want and trust your opinion. So, I select the photos, do the sample layout and then give them the option to make a round of changes)
  4. email the layouts to the client or write it on CD
  5. then they would email me any changes they require. This is where all the problems began. Most of the time they would not understand the page numbering or know how to indicate which page changes needed to be made. The emails I received were very confusing and the process to get the albums to the final stage was too dragged out.

This is where AlbumExposure made a huge difference in my life. AlbumExposure is a website where you can upload all your jpeg layouts. It then compiles a digital version of the album with all your layouts. You create a login for your client and  send them the link.

Thereafter, they can go and page through the book and go through it as many times as they want. They can make comments and request changes in the comment box below each page. When they are done with the layouts, they submit it by clicking on the “I’ve got changes, send all comments” button.

You will receive an email with all the page numbers and the requested changes to that page. I then go back and make the changes, upload all the files again and send it to the client for approval. Once I receive the “I approve my album” email, I know I can send it to the printers.

Album exposure also has other options such as:

  • slideshows
  • adding music
  • password protected areas
  • adding your branding to the viewer
  • sending files to the printers straight from AlbumExposure. (this is only available if you use a printing company that is integrated into their system)

I believe every photographer should know about them :)