Iaan and I spend the last four days in Las Veags, at the WPPI. WPPI is the wold’s biggest wedding and portrait conference and trade show in the world.

WPPI offers many opportunities for photographers to learn. The whole week was filled with classes and workshops as well as many parties where you can meet people and just hang out. The trade show is one of my favourites, it’s filled with 320 booths offering products, services & free workshops.

If there is one thing I learned through WPPI, it is that there are so many different ways to do things, so many tecniques, so many products and amazing new technologies and tools, but at the end of the day: learn what you can from others, share what you know, improve where you can and stay true to who you are. And never ever compare yourself to others.

One of my favourite quotes from WPPI, was by Zack & Jody Gray:

“Are your clients purchasing your photography as a Brand or a Commodity? Powerful brands influence that behavior.”

Amongst the enormity of the international wedding industry it is vital to quickly realize that there will always only be one of you. Make that a key ingredient of what you offer in you business.