Hi Guys,

Today I want to share with you how to save your images for the web. Every now and then I go to a photographer’s blogs where their images take forever to download. It’s very important to remember to save your images for the web specifically, which means the images are compressed and are much smaller than the original size. A smaller image size will results in faster download speeds and this means happy viewers  :)

There are different ways of compressing your images, but I found the following a very simple and easy work flow for my web images with Lightroom and Photoshop.

1. Export the image from Lightroom in the size of your blog (eg mine is 600px wide, so I export the longest side 600px.) It’s very important to make sure your image is set to 72dpi.


if you don’t have Lightroom, you can open the image in Photoshop and resize the image by clicking on Image — > Image size –> set the dpi (resolution) to 72dpi (which is the web maximum dpi) and then resize the width of the image to the width of your blog eg 600 pixels.)

3. The image will now be 72 dpi, but still not the smallest it can be…To compress the image for your blog/website do the following. File –> save image for web.

Choose the JPG option. with +- 80% quality. The lower the quality, the more compression you will apply. I generally find that 80% is quite good and on the eye the resolution is still pretty good.

The image will now be save to the destination you selected and will be ready to upload to the web.

I did a quick comparison below for a compressed and non-compressed image. If you did not compress your image (only saved it at 72dpi, but NOT save for web) The image will have been 262 KB big. After you saved for web on 80%, the images size dropped to 106 KB. More than half.

I hope this helps you to now save your images for the web :)