Some of you might know the story of how Iaan proposed in Munich last year. (But if you haven’t read the story, you can read it on my blog.) In the background, without me knowing,  Carmen & Ingo, from Caringo Photografix, was busy shooting the entire proposal!

This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced! Firstly, I didn’t know a thing about the proposal. Secondly, there were two awesome photographers capturing the whole thing! If you haven’t seen the fusion video, have a look here.

Since the shoot, we kept in touch with Carmen and Ingo and now we’re actually staying with them here in Munich for a few weeks :) Such an amazingly cool couple! And it’s a true privilege to stay here and spend time with them. We decided to invite them to be our first guests on the KIKI TV show tonight.

As mentioned on the previous KIKI TV episodes, we won’t be be having KIKI TV at the exact same time as we usually have in South Africa. Tonight’s show (21 June) will be at 8pm (SA time). So join in at KIKI TV tonight to meet Carmen & Ingo & feel free to ask them questions :)

ps if you miss the show, you can view the recorded version tomorrow.