A new year is upon us and we are extremely excited about learning, sharing and loving. We hope that you will find great value in what we’ll be doing together.

From our side, we’d like to share our prospects for the year, in order to wet your appetite and get you as excited as we are! This year we’d like to intensify our efforts in building the photography community. That is what KIKI is about, after all! We have a few ideas on how to facilitate more interaction and establish stronger links within our community. We’ve already started implementing some of these ideas.

We also understand the need for quality content that will keep us growing and expanding in our photographic/business endeavors. That means more collaboration with awesome contributors, more tools and basically more opportunities to learn, share and love!

There are also other very exciting developments! All in good time, though!

What do you want to improve on or change in 2012? Let us know in the comments below and by the end of the month we will pick a random, lucky winner of the “All in One” preset pack!