KIKI TV Update

News January 16, 2012

This is just a quick update on what’s happening with KIKI TV. We are aiming to get the show back on air again as soon possible, but we’ve encountered “minor” delays!

We have moved to a new studio, fought tirelessly to get our internet connection up and running and then there was the unfortunate burglary, which included the KIKI TV equipment. We are sorting out the recovery of the equipment with the insurance, so hopefully we’ll be live soon. In the meanwhile, you can watch some of the previous episodes by clicking here.

In line with our first post of 2012 (where you stand a chance to win a All in One Preset Pack), we are also considering making some changes to KIKI TV. We believe KIKI TV can really add value to your photography and business, so we are thinking of ways that we can do just that! We’d really appreciate if you participate in this process. Please answer a couple of questions and forward us any suggestions, ideas or critique?We love hearing from you guys!

  1. Do you use iTunes to download podcasts?
  2. Was your Internet connection a problem when watching Live shows?
  3. What would make you watch more KIKI TV Episodes?
  4. Do you prefer the shorter “to-the-point” episodes or longer, more detailed episodes?
  5. Anything else that we should know?