Today, we’re getting to know Ashley Repka a little bit better! This is part of a series of  interviews we will be having with KIKI members. If you would like to be interviewed go to our interview page and answer a few questions!

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Location: I was born and raised in Cleveland Oh, married moved and lived in Minot ND for over 5 years and now we are stationed in CO!! USA

1. When and how did the photography bug bite you?

I had always had an itch for photography since middle school. My family could never afford any type of camera so i would buy disposable cameras with my saved money and shoot away. I then got married and had a baby and HAD to own a camera. Once I had a real camera it was over..I was sick from then on lol

2. Your house is on fire, your family, equipment and pets are safe, but you only have time to take 2 items, what would it be?

I would grab my son’s GiGi, his favorite giraffe since he was a baby and my marriage license (which is framed in our room)

3. If you could have a conversation with anyone about anything, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I would love to talk to Ellen Degeneres. Honestly I would talk about anything with her just knowing I would smile so much my face would hurt!

4. What can you talk about for hours? (apart from photography)

My son. I love him to pieces and once I start talking about him and his schoolwork, funny faces, jokes, when he was a baby, the things he says…see I just can’t stop haha

5. What makes you really angry?

People who have money but don’t think to give to the needy. It drives me crazy knowing people like my mom who helped everyone had/have nothing but people with plenty give nothing.

6. You help an old lady load her groceries in her car; only to find out she is extremely wealthy. She wants to buy you something to say ‘thanks’. What would you choose?

I would be very hesitant because things that seem too good to be true..usually are..but, I would pick a awesome camera since I only have a t1i or camera lens.

7. What subject matter do you love shooting?

I love shooting weathered items or candid portraits I feel they tell stories when frozen in a photograph.

8. If you could only take one lens on every shoot (even if you don’t currently own it), which one would it be and why?

I only have my kit lens and my 50mm 1.4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 50mm. It gives me great bokeh, detail and it’s not finicky.

9. If you had all the time in the world to do one photography project, what would it be?

I would love to do a “release a wish” photos shoot. Where I get normal everyday people, famous people, poor/homeless people around the world to make a wish and write it on a balloon and I can capture the thought process of the wish, writing the wish, and letting it go. No matter your place in life we all have a wish. I think watching your wish go up into the sky gives you hope that someone somewhere will read it and it will come true.

10. Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments at a shoot? Would you tell us what happened and how you survived?

It was my first photo shoot ever with my SLR and I wasn’t used to the strap the weight of the camera or anything really. I had the family laying in the grass and wanted to get a overhead shot…I let go of my camera thinking the strap would catch it..well it would’ve if it was shorter then it was. CLUNK hit the girl right in the head with my camera!! I was so embarrassed I apologized and with all the laughter due to it I got some great genuine smiles in the next shots…i did have to edit out a red mark on her forehead though… :/

11. What music do you listen to when you have to get through long hours of admin and editing?

I love classical music when I edit…

12. Which aspect of your craft are you the least and most confident in?

I get so nervous when people ask me to take photos for them. I feel like they are quick to judge if they don’t like it and “what if they don’t like it?” I LOVE doing “things” photography. Taking pictures of things that can’t change, that just are. I love it… it’s perfection in the imperfections.

13. When you have to make big decisions, which do you prefer? “Flipping a coin”, “Comparing the pro’s and con’s” or “going with the flow”.

Gooooing with the flooow in my hippie voice

14. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would love to see the wonders of the world. Anything from the Mayan Ruins, stonehenge etc. I would just love seeing incredible history in person not just in books or on the internet.

15. Give a link to one of your recent shoots that you absolutely loved shooting? Why did you enjoy it so much?

365 Project, I love the Capture your 365 photo project because every picture isn’t perfect but it gets me out there learning new things about my camera taking pictures of events out of everyday of my life in the year 2012!