Today, we’re getting to know Marc Dryden-Schofield a little bit better! This is part of a series of  interviews we will be having with KIKI members. If you would like to be interviewed go to our interview page and answer a few questions!

Website/ Blog:

Facebook Page: Marc Dryden-Schofield Photography

Twitter: @MarcSchofield

Location: Polokwane South Africa (now in Johannesburg)

1. When and how did the photography bug bite you?

I got a small bite when I was 8 but that wasn’t too serious. I maintained a steady flow of photographs till 2008 when the BIG bite happened. My then current job was far from satisfying and i focused a lot more on what made me happy. That bite lead to this wonderful desease!!! In 2010 I took the hobby up to Professional status and have never looked back.

2. Your house is on fire, your family, equipment and pets are safe, but you only have time to take 2 items, what would it be?

1: My Ipod! Can not survive without my music! It Makes me tic “-)
2: My “Marc’s box” a box that hold a lot about me, from past ID books, souvenirs to my spare car keys:-)

3. If you could have a conversation with anyone about anything, who would it be and what would you talk about?

Wow, this is tricky!! One would have to be Steven Spielburg. I have alway been fascinated buy his vision and the way he sees thing and then depicts them in his movies. Something I also strive for. And then of course how Jaws has also made me a tad afraid of the ocean… bastard! hahaha

4. What can you talk about for hours? (apart from photography)

Sport and movies.

5. What makes you really angry?

When people disrespect other peoples property systems. I believe people work hard for what they have and how they got it, so when others dont have the respect for that, it grates me!

6. You help an old lady load her groceries in her car; only to find out she is extremely wealthy. She wants to buy you something to say ‘thanks’. What would you choose?

Theres a toss up between a snickers bar and a kit-kat!

7. What subject matter do you love shooting?

People People People!!!!

8. If you could only take one lens on every shoot (even if you don’t currently own it), which one would it be and why?

The Canon 70-200 2.8. I just love this lense, just about use it all the time anyway. It allows me to stand back a little from subject and let them do there own thing and it helps you not be too intrusive.BUT it also allows me to get close up shots.

9. If you had all the time in the world to do one photography project, what would it be?

I would travel the world photographing different cultures, capturing the events that have shaped the culture to what it is today, the traditions and ceremonies that make the people who they are.

10. Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments at a shoot? Would you tell us what happened and how you survived?

mmmm… havent had a serious one yet that sticks out at the moment.

11. What music do you listen to when you have to get through long hours of admin and editing?

Now you want a whole list!!! This all depends on what I am editing and what time it is. This can range from Frank Sinatra to Metallica and Everything in between. Some serious house music always has its place on my play list. But I have found my editing gets a little crazy when this happens, but i love it!

12. Which aspect of your craft are you the least and most confident in?

Studio work! its not a big thing for me. This is because I dont own my own studio (yet), once I have my own, I want to focus on getting the lights to work magic.

13. When you have to make big decisions, which do you prefer? “Flipping a coin”, “Comparing the pro’s and con’s” or “going with the flow”.

I am very practical when it comes to making decisions so its usually a pro vs con process for me. But never under estimate the power of impulses!! that does happen regularly

14. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Still itching to go to Norway!!! I sat watching the travel channel for a whole day (yes, i was hungover),and it was a special on Norway, so i saw a whole lot about the country, winter and summer. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and awesome activities.

15. Give a link to one of your recent shoots that you absolutely loved shooting? Why did you enjoy it so much?

I did a “day after” shoot with a wedding coulpe. We went to one of my favourite places in the world (Magoebaskloof). It has such a variety of locations from Pine forests to a beautiful waterfall.Breathtaking rolling hills and has the ability to change weather in a coulpe of minutes, sunshine to mist instantly. The couple were fun and up for any suggestions, which gave me free reign over the locations. It was just great shooting in a location that is very close to my heart. Give me the chance to shoot it the way i want to see it in photographs.