Today, we’re getting to know Noemi Cronrath a little bit better! This is part of a series of  interviews we will be having with KIKI members. If you would like to be interviewed go to our interview page and answer a few questions!

Website/ Blog:

Facebook Page: PhotograhieNoemiCronrath

Location: Germany


1. When and how did the photography bug bite you?

It already started when I was at school. I was always interested in arts and also had fun playing around with my first digital camera (a Canon Powershot). Later on, I had to make a photo-project for my arts class. The theme: yellow. My teacher gave me an old analog Leica. It was my first touch with a SLR Camera. It then took two more years until I could call one my own. After playing around a little bit I met some friends for my first shoot. That’s where the bug bite me :)

2. Your house is on fire, your family, equipment and pets are safe, but you only have time to take 2 items, what would it be?

I would take the jewelry I got from my grandmother and the photos of my childhood because it means a lot to me. All other things are replaceable.

3. If you could have a conversation with anyone about anything, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I would talk with Tim Walker. About his photography and how he gets his inspirations and ideas.

4. What can you talk about for hours? (apart from photography)

About horses. I have my own horse and really don’t want to miss him. He’s mine since I was 14 and my other passion (next to photography :)

5. What makes you really angry?

That’s really hard to say. It depends on the situation.

6. You help an old lady load her groceries in her car; only to find out she is extremely wealthy. She wants to buy you something to say ‘thanks’. What would you choose?

If it doesn’t depend on the price I would choose a good telephoto lens to get closer to some things on my next trip. But for helping her to load her groceries in her car a nice coffee would be enough. And maybe she has something interesting to tell…

7. What subject matter do you love shooting?

I love working with people. On one side, it’s always so much fun to accompany the happy couples on their big wedding day to capture their little and big moments. On the other hand I love projects where I can be more creative and are planned in advance.

8. If you could only take one lens on every shoot (even if you don’t currently own it), which one would it be and why?

The canon 85mm 1.8. Nice bokeh, sharp, perfect for shooting people and the focal distance fits perfect on my camera.

9. If you had all the time in the world to do one photography project, what would it be?

I would travel around the world to photograph people from different cultures, colours, places and ages telling their own little story.

10. Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments at a shoot? Would you tell us what happened and how you survived?

Mmmhh I can’t remember a situation like this. But I’m someone who’s not getting embarrassed very quickly.

11. What music do you listen to when you have to get through long hours of admin and editing?

It always depends on my mood. Sometimes I like hearing some slow and softly music in the background but it can also change from one minute to the next one that I like to hear loud music that makes me wanna dance.

12. Which aspect of your craft are you the least and most confident in?

Photographing in- or outdoor makes a huge difference for me. Outdoor is where I love taking pictures and where I know what to do. Sometimes I am kind of afraid taking pictures indoor because I prefer to take my pictures with available light. But sometimes I need a flash and then I’m a little bit afraid of getting other results then I wanted to. Until now everything went to my entire satisfaction, but I often have this feeling. I probably just have to make more indoor shoots to get rid of it..

13. When you have to make big decisions, which do you prefer? “Flipping a coin”, “Comparing the pro’s and con’s” or “going with the flow”.

Going with the flow. Because I want to make my own decisions and sometimes the things with the most con’s are the best ones.

14. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would buy an old hippie bus and travel around Africa like my father did. Beginning in the North and ending in the South… I’ve been in different African countries and enjoyed every trip. I can’t really tell you why, but I am fascinated by all of them and some even more…

15. Give a link to one of your recent shoots that you absolutely loved shooting? Why did you enjoy it so much?

The shoot for designer Nicole Helf. It was so much fun with the girls and I really like the results. You can see some of the pics on my facebook page or here