Hardcore. That’s what you guys are! Taking time out to meet, learn, share and love! We’ve had a great time with all the Meet Up’s happening. From inspiring to informative to absolutely brilliant, you name the positive adjective; it pitched at our Meet Up’s!

 We thought it wise to keep you up to date with all the happenings, to shame you if you haven’t been to a Meet Up yet! Just kidding! We do it, because it’s really fun to see what other groups within the KIKI community are getting up to and to inspire you to get involved in the Meet Up’s happening in your area.

The Western Cape group has been cooking with Meet Up’s! We’ve had the likes of Henry Chen, Monica Dart and Lauren Kriedemann educating and inspiring us, as well as a Nikon/Lexar sponsored workshop with Robert Miller.

Monica Dart shared her awesome story and experience with a group on the West Coast. There were some first timers attending and they were “thoroughly enjoying” the experience. So, thank you everybody who took part, and Michelle Rademan for organizing. The evening of the 15th, Buena Vista and the Meet Up group meeting there, were treated to an awesome work-room by Henry Chen. It was “absolute brilliant” and Henry did a great job of covering “all of the important aspects of wedding photography industry and did a great job in answering all of our questions”.

 Lauren Kriedemann was talking business and confidence at the Southern Suburbs Meet Up. This is really valuable information as your confidence affects the way you take pictures and how you do business. Many thanks to Sally Wellbeloved for organizing that one.

Nikon and Lexar sponsored a workshop with Robert Miller. It was an overview on using your speedlight flash heads to achieve amazing studio type results, as well as covering the basics of using speedlights and the various light shaping attachments available. A great deal was learned, especially his “fool proof lighting technique”, which will certainly give photographers a whole lot more confidence to use their own speed lights or many other light sources, for that matter.

Gauteng toured Q-photo lab and talked about all things albums. Good job guys, we’re really amped for what’s happening on that side. Carolien Joubert organized, thank you so much!

The London Photowalk was a great success! Michael Young summed it up this way, “Good walk, good crowd, good photo opportunities”! Well done guys and we know there’s many more Meet Ups to come your side! Thank you Heline Bekker, who did a sterling job of organizing!

As you can see, Meet Ups are where it’s at! Check out the Meet Ups Page to see what’s happening in you area! Sign up, you don’t want miss out!

Thanks to True Reflection Studios, Colette Marie, Christine Meintjes and Marc Christopher for the images.