What is a Workshop?

Workshops is where you learn from others who have experience, skills and practical tips to share. It is also a great place to get to know others with the same questions as you.

Social Media Stellenbosch

Social Media Workshop

Date: 16 August 2011 Time: Full day Price: R1100 reserve a seat
Venue: Devonvalley Hotel, Stellenbosch See more details

Christine Meintjes & Iaan Van Niekerk


Social media is important; in my opinion, it’s crucial! And if you don’t know how to use it correctly, you’ll probably think it’s not worth spending time on. But as Iaan said in the workshop. “Social media is not a waste of time. It’s part of your job!”

Think of it this way, social media is like the radio. It’s constantly making conversation and if you’re not listening to it, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth listening to, you’re just choosing to miss out.

The content of the workshop:

  • Share knowledge about the philosophy of social media
  • Why a business should care about Facebook with practical tips
  • Understanding Twitter and how to use it effectively
  • The basics of Google Analytics and how to implement it on your blog/website
  • Q & A

More detail:

Introduction: The difference between conversational- and broadcast-communication and why it is time for your business to focus on engaging in conversation and stop merely broadcasting a message.

Facebook: See the business purpose that Facebook has apart from a personal communication tool. How to share information in a way that utilizes the network-effect Facebook to increase the reach of you message. The differences between profiles, groups and pages will be explained to show the benefit and purpose of each.

Twitter: What is twitter and why it should not be ignored. A systematic look at setting up you account, modifying your profile to optimally make use of the available options. Step by step explanations of how to tweet, re-tweet, direct message, mentions and searching.

Google analytics: The reason why analytics is a vital part of a social media strategy. How to set up an account and make sense of the data.

The price includes coffee, tea, water and lunch. Bookings close 6 August 2011.